Monday, 26 July 2010

Dad Goes to The Festival

If you read the missus' blog you'll know that we're off as a family to Camp Bestival in Dorset this weekend, and that the daft woman is going to "Live Blog" from it- yes thats right, such is her dependence on Tweeting (rather than rabbiting, much better name for a site where woman go on if you ask me) and blogging, she can't go a whole 3 days without typing. 

I now have mental images of her trying to watch Calvin Harris, while her fingers type away simultaneously.

I don't usually go to "Boutique" festivals. I help event manage Psytrance  festivals and, despite not being a massive fan of techno or trance music, I do generally enjoy myself. Its kind of working and having fun at the same time. 

I did go to Glastonbury many years ago, in my misspent youth, and saw the last stage show that Nirvana did before Kurt Cobain died at Reading too (he was very bad, actually, I always get asked as if he was God Like in his performance. In fact he came out in a nightie, fell on the floor and proceeded to screech incoherently down the mic).

So, I have done the "pop" festival thing, but preferred to hear the unsigned and newer acts, or the really old acts from way back when who the cool crowds dismissed, but who usually gave a great performance.

When her indoors got all excited about going to a festival -or Vegetable as Mini thinks it is called, the closest she has got to saying it right is Vestibule- and gave me a list of names I was a bit concerned.

Now, she is 28, so she can stand in the throng watching Tinie Tempah and blend in. I fear I'll look like someones Dad has wandered in by mistake looking for their teen daughter.

Not, you understand, that I would willingly watch Tinie Tempah. 

But when I looked on the site, salvation!

Madness are playing.

I loved Madness in my teens, they really fit in with the time and my mates back then. 

And Roxy Music too. Also a group I like.

But best of all, Lee Scratch Perry is playing.

I am now wondering whether I can fit a few vinyls in with the tent and clothes and get them signed?

Meanwhile, the missus can watch her Chipmunk and Ellie Goulding to her hearts content, while I find solace with the other old gits.

Will let you know how we get on, unless you already hear from Claire on Twitter.

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  1. (((((((((((madness)))))))))))))))

    Now there's a name would cheer me up greatly if I ever got persuaded to go to a festival full of bands I not only had never heard of ...but didn't want to hear. Especially since they are all wearing rah rah skirts ....and I have pictures of me in them the first time round.

    It's very depressing seeing your youth being "revived". That is what happens to your mum, not yourself. GAH !!