Tuesday, 13 July 2010

BATTLE OF THE SEXES: In Response to her Indoors

Yes, I have decided to take up the keyboard and kick her off the PC, to answer back at the remark which 20somethingmum wrote on a recent post- The Origins of Mini.

In it she explained how Daughter got her name, in abridged form. Believe me at one point she had so many nicknames at once I think the poor child had no idea what she was called and you could've shouted anything and she'd have toddled over. But I digress.

In it she made a remark about my oldest Nephew, who I love dearly, about how he refers to girls by the singular nickname of "Missy".

That I have no problem with-while she and my sisters are inclined to shake their head with bafflement and disgust in an act of sister solidarity (or something like that that women all do) I am more likely to think, " go on son" and feel a sense of pride.

What I would like to point out is that in this post she blamed me. Yes, me.

She claims that I used to do the same thing, being that I was, according to her "a man whore", and according to me "having fun"  (and believe me a lot was had before she snagged me), except that I used to say "Love".

Now, what is so wrong these days with referring to women folk as Love or Darling?

Back in the good old days, you'd get a kiss if you called a girl something like that. 

Now its more likely to end in a Sexual Harassment suit.

I was once on the telephone to a really useless snooty phone advisor from the gas board, and I called her love. She put the phone down. I rang back to be told I had called her an offensive name. Now if I'd have called her a useless snooty cow (or worse) then fine. But is the word "love" offensive? The Beatles made a packet in record sales with the song All You Need is Love. Nowadays they'd have had to say "All You Need is to appreciate the person who you respect in general".

Whats wrong with calling a girl a nice missive? It doesn't necessarily mean we can't remember your names, or worse, we are standing outside your gaff in a flasher mac. But men aren't as good on the phone as women.

Her indoors can plan conversations on the phone before she makes them. Yes really, but men, we like to play it by ear. And if we do add in a nickname, if for some reason your name has temporarily escaped us, then is it not better to do this than hurt your feelings by saying "err what was your name again?" 

To men women come in three categories- Blonde, brunette and ginger.  We don't necessarily take note at your names as we're too busy admiring your..... beauty. We'll remember the name at a later date!

So, hurrah for the sweet nothing nickname, embrace it girls, don't bemoan us calling you nice names!

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