Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Football. Oh Dear.

I must be the only guy in the UK who isn't a particular fan of footie.

There, I've said it.

In fact I think her indoors knows more about football than me.

I have no idea of players (unless they've just played for England), teams, nothing.

Thats not to say I wasn't good at football myself, back in the day I even had a trial for Wimbledon FC.

Granted they told me to sod off as I was crap, but that's not the point.

My contribution to my estate based kick-abouts was 5-a-side matches, mainly due to the smaller pitches where you could kick it against walls usually which was great for my lazy self.

I do, however when asked, say my team is Millwall (yes you can laugh now) as they were my local team growing up. Ask me who plays for them, and I have no idea.

But its a man thing to at least act as if you know about football, or you get seen as a bit girlie.

I don't own any footie shirts, except an England mock shirt which has "Sea Lions on a Shirt" instead of the 3 Lions.

I don't see how I can actively support a team who always has an excuse for not winning. I can't understand why Rooney, James, Carragher or Lampard (cheers Love) can't just say " Sorry nation, we were crap."

Instead, there was, amongst other excuses this time:

The Ball. It was too round.

How can a ball be too round? Granted if it had of been square, maybe the original goalie bloke wouldn't have dropped it, but I can't see it being playable.

The Refs were biased

How can all Refs be biased against England? I know we annoy some countries but not every country. Its not Eurovision.

It was too Hot/Too Cold

We live in a country that can be blisteringly hot one minute then arctic the next. What a load of crap!

The VuVuzelas

So, what was their excuse when we hosted the Euro in 1996 (again, cheers Love) when every ten seconds a marching band would belt out Great Escape. You didn't see Portugal have any issues when they beat a not very good team 7-0.

Yes, I don't get it.

And all the players are near on as old as me. How can they sprint around the pitch when they are the footballer equivalent of getting a bus pass?

If we win in my lifetime (unlikely) I may change my mind!

Final thought:

I'm Irish, England not winning doesn't really bother me.

Just don't get me started on Thierry Henry's Hands.

Saturday, 26 June 2010

MUMMY BLOGGING- It Wouldn't Happen in a Man's World

Well, you probably know that 20somethingmum is my missus.

As someone who has lived with the blogging community in his very own home, and has on occasion watched my other half near curl up under a duvet with tissues over some of the behaviour on here and through other things she has been involved with, well, thought it was time I had my say.

Claire (as I know her) has always wanted to do something with her writing, its nothing new. And when she gets a bit of recognition for her little piece of the internet, well, she's buzzing with excitement- to Claire its a small step towards her goal.

So to feel as bad as she did for being nominated, well, not fair is it really?

Its true that she did have to prompt people to quit from the bemoaning, and guilt tripping that started. It was upsetting her for days, as she then heard from others who were dropping out. But when someone finally after being prompted says well done, and sorry, well, its a bit crap really, an after thought. Especially from people who should know better.

We both hate bullying of any kind. Fact. And she felt this was little more than this.

My view is a bit jokey to be fair- I've often said that if you get more than one bird in a room, or in this case group, they can't help but bitch. Its in built. Us blokes, we don't get it, we don't do that to each other. Its mind boggling. Its like women have an extra Bitch gene. Blokes will give each other a pat on the back, regardless of any achievement, either a massive promotion, gold medal, or even the art of drinking 8 pints without falling over and hugging the lav. Women on the other hand, will say with all sweetness "well done you babe". Then when the girl they've just said it to leaves the room, tell her other mates that she's a bitch!

Why can't you all be happy for each other?

Do women really ever have mates, or just other women to compete with?

Perhaps we should have a new rule- one women per group.

Girls get over yourselves! You can't all constantly have PMT to blame!

In closing, please just realise these facts for life-

You do have a life.

Its only blogging.

And free champagne is always going to be the option over paying for it yourself.